OVOPARK Unveils Cutting-Edge AI Solutions at 2024 CHINASHOP

The 24th China Retail Expo (2024 CHINASHOP), held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition, served as a platform for OVOPARK to unveil brand-new products, services, and practical achievements, signaling accelerated advancements in the retail sector.

Before the retail exhibition, Mr. Zhu, the co-founder of OVOPARK, delivered a keynote speech at the Consumer Goods Channel Marketing Innovation Summit. His presentation highlighted the diverse applications of AI detection technology in the retail scene, featuring success stories with brand customers such as Snack is Busy and Xinjiayi. The personalized solutions provided by OVOPARK have improved the efficiency of industry management and created a more compelling consumption scene for brands, contributing to the digital upgrading of the retail industry.


During the “Brand Rejuvenation Forum” at the exhibition, OVOPARK emphasized the potential of digital products in enabling effective and intelligent management for retail brands, offering a competitive edge in the dynamic retail landscape.


One of the standout products showcased by OVOPARK was the AI store inspection robot, which captured the audience’s attention with its sleek design and comprehensive store inspection capabilities. This innovative technology promises to revolutionize the retail industry by detecting abnormal situations and enhancing AI detection technology.



Additionally, OVOPARK presented a range of AI detection applications, including shelf detection, sundries placement, staff dress code detection, kitchen detection, meal-delivery detection, and more. These applications aim to achieve accurate and effective matching of “people-goods-place”, empowering retail enterprises with enhanced management efficiency.

The surprise did not end there, as OVOPARK also introduced a series of newly upgraded digital solutions, such as the intelligent store inspection system, passenger flow statistical analysis system, and shop opening process module. These solutions are tailored to create an intelligent, efficient, and convenient retail environment, benefiting both customers and retail merchants.


OVOPARK’s commitment to innovation and high-quality products was further recognized as the company’s application of store system in Wufangzhai was included as an excellent practical case of smart store application in the “Best Practice Cases of CHINASHOP Golden Wing” list. This acknowledgment underscores OVOPARK’s role as an innovation pioneer in digital technology for the retail industry.

As the retail industry in China continues to experience rapid development and fierce competition, OVOPARK remains dedicated to providing high-quality products and services that enable retail chain enterprises to achieve standardized, digital management, and strengthen their competitive position.


The 2024 CHINASHOP has not only showcased the latest advancements in the retail industry but has also set the stage for a new era of intelligent retail, driven by OVOPARK’s cutting-edge AI solutions.

The event concluded with high hopes for the future, as OVOPARK aims to inspire more innovative practice cases and create excellent digital solutions for retail enterprises, further shaping the landscape of the retail industry in China.


About OVOPARK OVOPARK (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd, headquartered in Suzhou, China, is a national high-tech enterprise. Since our establishment in 2016, we have been committed to revolutionizing technologies for diverse retail store scenarios: people counting, visitor analysis, customer behavior insights, store operation analysis, and more. OVOPARK’s solutions are meticulously designed with a focus on usability, top-tier security, and adaptable scalability. For further details, please visit our website or reach out to us with any inquiries.



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