Guarding and witnessing: OP aspires to assist independent bookstores through technology

In an old street nestled in Suzhou, a charming bookstore cafe thrives. Born in Suzhou, it has now expanded its presence across China.

Transitioning from a single store to dozens, or even hundreds, while maintaining a consistent brand image is no easy feat. How does one effectively manage each store and convey the essence of “reading and sipping tea” to every visitor?

The partnership between OP and this bookstore cafe can be summarized in two words: guarding and witnessing.

Guarding: Remote Store Inspection

Utilizing OP’s remote inspection feature, store clerks and managers can monitor real-time displays, table arrangements, and the availability of customer-favorite postcards through high-definition cameras. They can check if books are left haphazardly on tables, if shelves need restocking, or if the barista is diligently crafting coffee.

But what happens when issues arise? The remote inspection function not only facilitates monitoring but also becomes a valuable tool for efficient problem-solving. Images of problems are captured by the camera and instantly sent to the respective handler’s mobile device. After addressing the issue, a photo of the resolution is taken and shared. This closed-loop problem-solving process significantly enhances store management efficiency.

Witnessing: Visitor Flow and Hot Zone Analysis

OP-Visitor-Flow-and Hotzone

OP also acts as a silent witness to the footsteps left behind by every visitor in this enchanting bookstore café: Some find solace while savoring coffee, others meticulously select postcards, and a few immerse themselves in books near the bookshelves.

In today’s urban landscape, operating physical bookstores has become increasingly challenging. The allure of digital media and entertainment has diverted people’s attention from physical spaces like bookstores. Consumers’ preferences have shifted towards digital content and online shopping. Additionally, physical bookstores face constraints in terms of limited shelf space, restricting the number of books they can offer.

Despite these obstacles, this bookstore cafe has managed to flourish. OP, in turn, has made some contributions. By employing OP’s people counter, the cafe’s owner gains insights into customers’ recent reading preferences and identifies popular products such as postcards and stationery, allowing for strategic inventory management. Through data analysis, the bookstore can cater to individual preferences, continually providing personalized goods and books that cater to the public’s needs.

This is the story of OP and the bookstore cafe. OP aspires to assist more independent bookstores in surviving the harsh market environment through technological solutions, adding a touch of warmth and human connection to our fast-paced society.

About OP Retail 

OP Retail (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd, headquartered in Suzhou, China, offers quality products mainly for retail stores, providing technical solutions for visitor analysis, customer behavior insights, store operation analysis, and more. OP Retail’s solutions are based on the principles of usability, high security, and flexible scalability. For more information, please visit our website or send us inquiries for details.

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