Gadget time leveraged OP Retail solutions to expand business across South Africa

Background: Gadget Time, a Cape Town-based retailer of gadgets, gizmos, and electronic accessories, has grown rapidly since its inception in 2010. With a unique range of products that includes Japanese Anime merchandise and office toys, Gadget Time has become a popular destination for tech enthusiasts across South Africa. However, to keep up with their success, Gadget Time recognized they needed to refine their retail operations and enhance the overall customer experience.

Solution: Gadget Time turned to OP Retail’s people counting solution to address these challenges. The people counting solution uses 3D people counters to provide high-precision data on customer traffic, allowing Gadget Time to analyze sales performance, predict traffic trends, and assign staff efficiently. The solution also helps Gadget Time analyze product popularity on shelves, enabling better placement and advertising.

Gadget Time applies 3 different types of OP Retail’s people counters.

Result: Gadget Time has been able to expand its operations to all major cities in South Africa by June 2022. The people counting solution has helped them optimize their staff scheduling and customer experience. 

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